Conversion Rate Optimsation

Key Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies for 2015

If your business is failing to compete online it may be due to a weak conversion optimisation strategy. If your revenue is dependent on the web or mobile, you need to make sure that you are doing all you can to increase user engagement and sales. Listed below are top conversion optimisation strategies for 2015.

Comprehensive Analysis

Before you can invest in a cutting edge conversion optimisation strategy, you need to take stock of your current strategy. Perform an audit to check different parameters of your website. If you discover that your current conversion rate is not performing well you need to find out which is the weak link. This way you can have a closer look at the most important metrics of your website – visitors, referrals, bounce rate, exit pages, conversion rate and top 10 pages. This will help your draw up a CRO strategy that will work more effectively.

In App A/B testing

With so many apps getting released every day, you are probably wondering what are your chances of getting noticed? You’ll need to run tests continuously to see which interface option works the best. You need to find a A/B testing tool that will help you change images, buttons, images to create variations of your website. This tool will also help you track new signups and clicks.

Optimising your shopping cart

If you are an online retailer, it is imperative that you find out the reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Experts have stated the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment is that your website lacks trust, customers found it hard to navigate your site and finally had to just give up, your checkout process was complicated, high shipping charge sand limited payment options. Once you work on these areas you’ll be able to reduce abandonment rates. Research has shown that personalising e-commerce sites usually brings in more customers.

Spotlight on the User

Earlier trends focussed more on the products and hard selling. But 2015 has shown that the user is what drives high conversion optimisation rates - users moving from visitors to customers equals a higher conversion rate and more profits. You will need to start paying more attention to your users; their buying habits, the sites they visit, their location and age group. All this information will help you draw a CRO strategy that is sure to win.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has gained momentum in 2015. Companies are provided with an opportunity to interact with their customers.They also have a platform to talk about their business in a passionate way. If the video is interesting and engaging, then more customers will watch it.

Following these website optimisation strategies will help you increase leads, increase sales, improve conversion rates and see a good return on investment. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and get it to perform like you only dreamed it could, you need to hire a good CRO agency.